None Shall Escape The Judgement

Dreader Than Dread

The rockers sound dominated the Kingston soundclashes throughout the mid to late seventies and it came into its being from the voice of the one and only Johnny Clarke (above) with his absolutely brutal cut “None Shall Escape Judgement”. The tune was penned by Earl Zero (below) but during the mixdown, at the Striker Lee stable, his contributions were inadvertently left absent. The 45 marked the beginning of the flying-cymbal sound centered around the strictly Rastafari lyrical content. This song along with the equally poignant “Every Knee Shall Bow” cut carry messages that remain relevant inna dis here time.

None shall escape the judgement in this time
These words I sing to all mankind

Arise black man, Jahovah has come, Forwarding to Babylon
To declare equal rights and justice, Among the heathen

Yes, the weak heart must fall, Only the righteous shall stand
In this congregation of Jah hola one
Anything Jah say, I will always do, Anything Jah say, I will always do
Because I love him, ho ho…Because I love him

I’ll love him, I’ll serve him, All the days of I life
In the house of the Lord God, Jah Rastafari.

Earl Zero

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