Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada

Adrian Quesada and Martin Perna, founding members of Grupo Fantasma and Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra respectively, join forces again as Ocote Soul Sounds for their sophomore album The Alchemist Manifesto. This time the duo takes their trademark mish-mash of psychedelic afro-beat, Latin, hip-hop, soundtrack music, and funk into new abstract and heady territory. Floating through the vortex are new sonic elements: eerie keys, strings, flutes and even Spanish vocals overtop solemn grooves. The debut album, El Nino Y El Sol, received high praise from numerous well-respected sources and rightfully so as it is filled with grooves to expand the mind. Grab both albums, sit back, and let these unrelenting rhythms flow through your veins.


Ocote Soul Sounds – The Alchemist Manifesto; ESL Records, 2008

The Alchemist Manifesto

Ocote Soul Sounds – El Nino Y El Sol; ESL Records, 2006
(I’ve included Quantic’s “Divinorum Remix” as a bonus cut)

El Nino Y El Sol

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