Off The Cuff Happenings

Well, I’ve been quite busy as of late with work. Time just vanishes so quickly nowadays. It’s July already? Huh? So, needless to say, I don’t have a heck of a lot to write about. Recent happenings (outside of work) include a trip to Koh Yao Noi last month; Day trip around Phang Nga Bay where Koh Lao Lading and Koh Hong blew me away with their beauty;


Weekend jaunt to Koh Phi Phi; The Sarojin sports days where my volleyball team came in last place; “Ngan Wat” (Temple Festival) staff party where I was forced to dress as a woman just getting out of the shower with towels as the getup and lip sink “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA (apparently it’s well known, yet I had never heard it in my life, not really within the realm of my vibes);



Not having any cavities for my entire life despite being one of the biggest sweet tooths out there and then having six identified on my last checkup (the “much” anticipated day of a half-dozen fillings has yet to take place);


Gaining more lbs. (or kilos. as I’m used to calling them now) around the waistline and promising that this month is the time to slim it down; Missing a departing party for Khun Ree as he left to head back to the ATL prior to when I thought he was leaving; Trip to the Similan Islands where the snorkeling was one the best things I have ever done since coming here…unreal!;



Still maintaining my terrible sleep schedule; Learning to read and write Thai; Trip To Tonsai Bay for a few days; Being annoyed by the fact that my students say “Zed” for the letter “Z”; Smiling when the Celtics won the championship;


Finding out that Blood and Fire Records shut down last year which explains why they’ve released a mere one record in the past couple years; Counting the days until the Karl Hector & The Malcouns record drops; Being excited about the new Platinum Pied Pipers tunes that are coming out;


Seeing a Freaknik ’93 ATL shirt at the weekend market here, would have bought it, but the design was rather naff; Still thirsting for a proper beer to drink; Writing my midyear Top 5 lists; Wishing I was in the ATL with the fellas to go see Rancid on the 22nd of June; Hoping to see an Esperanza care package on my doorstep;-P; Updating this here site when I get the opportunity.

Top Five Tracks In Heavy Rotation At The Moment

  1. The Dap-Kings – “Nervous Like Me”
  2. Kidz in the Hall – “Black Out”
  3. NOMO – “My Dear”
  4. Jackson Conti – “Amazon Stroll”
  5. Dom Salvador E Abolicao – “Hei Voce”

Top Five Documentaries I’ve Viewed Lately

  1. Earth
  2. The Corporation
  3. Endgame
  4. America: Freedom to Fascism
  5. Loose Change

Top Five Films I’ve Viewed Lately

  1. Charlie Wilson’s War
  2. 3:10 To Yuma
  3. Super High Me
  4. The Good Shepherd
  5. The Aviator
Diggin In The Crates
Top Five (or Ten) Lists From 2008...Thus Far

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