Once Again…What’s Next For Me?

Ironically, I can simply paste the beginning from my second to last post, back on September 21st, right here since the circumstances have come full circle since then. So…..Finished working at The Evason Phuket on Tuesday, December 18th. It’s moving on to the next endeavor, whatever & whenever & wherever that might be remains uncertain as I write this.

Yeah so job wise, I spent the past two and half months teaching at The Evason Phuket which is a resort located on the southern end of the island in Rawai. I taught four classes there including front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, and a general class for all departments.

I really enjoyed working there, but it turned out to be quite a bit more work than I thought it would be. My friend, who placed me there, gave me some resources, but after meeting my students and understanding their level, I realized that most of the materials were far below their abilities. So, it was up to me to prepare roughly 80% of the lessons for the 10-week course.

One thing I discovered quick about teaching is that if you haven’t prepared your lesson then the class will end up being way more difficult than it should be. I only had to wing it on a few occasions and that was in the first two weeks when I was researching topics to cover and more or less figuring what works and what does not work when conducting a class. Once everything was more or less planned out, then all the classes went smooth.

All of my students told me they really liked coming to the classes (of course they got paid to come also, but nevermind that) and, more importantly, were benefiting from doing so. The human resources staff also told me they enjoyed having me on board. Unfortunately, the course finished up and I recently found out that they would not be doing the course again largely as a result of it being high season here. That’s fine though, I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to gain some experience there.

The Infinity Pool Looking Over Koh Hae

The Evason Phuket Front Lobby

The Evason From Above

Now, the job hunt begins. Especially considering that the other business I was involved in, The Compound Phuket, recently had to postpone the project we were working on. Yes, the company name is taken from Compound, off Howell Mill, since my friend, Wes, was one of the owners when he lived back in the ATL. Fortunately we were not developing another Eurotrash club to be avoided at all costs, but, rather, a property in the Chalong area that was going to contain nine villas. However, building costs per square foot went up recently and he was forced to wait until a few years from now to make the project happen or just abandon it all together.

I’m not sure where I will end up in the near future. I’m entertaining a position in Trang, Thailand and a position at the InterContinental Hotel in Bangkok. Completely opposite lifestyles for both of those places. Other prospective destinations include both Lijiang and Yangshuo in China, or I might just stay put here in Phuket. Again, uncertain would be the best word when it comes to all this.

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