Original Raw Soul & More Original Raw Soul

These two outstanding “compilations” feature the likes of The Soul-Saints Orchestra, The Woo Woo’s, Organized Raw Funk, The Whitefield Brothers, Bo Baral, Bus People Express, The Poets of Rhythm, Soul Sliders, Dynamic Soundmakers, Bo Baral’s Excursionists, The Mighty Continentals, The New Process and The Pan-Atlantics.

What do all these groups have in common? They all drop neck-snapping drum breaks on their records, you ask? That’s correct. They all lay down insanely dope Funk and Soul vibes, you ask? That’s correct. They all come from Germany, you ask? That’s correct. They are all actually The Poets of Rhythm under various aliases, you ask? Damn right, that’s correct!

Believe it or not, there are still even more aliases they operate under including The Malcouns and The Funk Pilots, who collaborate with Karl Hector, Afrobeat Academy, Syrup, Woima Collective, The Mercy Sluts (need their “$600 Tune”/”Banana Republic” 45!), The Polyversal Souls (need their “Sad Nile“/”Muswellhill Run” 45!) and The Neo-Hip-Hot-Kiddies Community (need their “Hip Walk”/”Muggy’s Mood” 45!).

One listen to these, and to their other releases (here, here, here, here, here and here), and you’ll know why this crew is one of the illest in the Funk and Soul revival game.

It’s pretty simple really, your crates are highly lacking if you don’t have these cuts and your ears will be highly delighted if you do add them to your crates. Make the right choice!

“Various Artists” – Original Raw Soul; Instinct, 1996

“Various Artists” – More Original Raw Soul; Instinct, 1997

Original Raw Soul More Original Raw Soul

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