Paris DJs

A huge stack o’ wax from Paris DJs! That was my Christmas present to myself this year!

As an avid follower of all things Paris DJs for years, my well of their unmatched sounds has been dry for the past two years at least in terms of the cost-based compilations/singles they’ve released. With no Internet connection at home (meaning no streaming of the vibes), no money in my PayPal account (meaning no purchasing of vibes) and no desire to pay the associates fees related with using my credit card from the U.S., a serious hole has existed in my crates for some time now. It’s long overdue, but I’m thrilled to finally delight my ears with their sensational tunes and to help spread the word!

The four Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International compilations; Dis Is Good For You, We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind, Rise of the Troubadour Warriors and Have You Ever Been to Electric Afroland?; a variety of Grant Phabao originals and reworks with various artists including Jungle Fire, Afrodyete, Brownout, The Cactus Channel, Echo Minott, Carlton Livingston, Pompidoo, The Grits, Popsanova, The Jays and many more, and last, but certainly not least, the Grant Phabao and The Lone Ranger’s Sweet Talking LP. Heavy rotation on these top choice vibes.

Highest praise to the Paris DJs crew. Continually amazed at the level of consistency, attention to detail and, most importantly, the sound of their production output. Impressive is an understatement!

For all those with no Paris DJs in your life, it’s time to navigate to their site and get yourself well-acquainted. Over 400 free mixes, a host of free singles via their Virtual Releases, and all the newer releases found at their Bandcamp page await you! Simply stellar sounds!

Soul Cal - Funky Disco & Modern Soul (1971-1982)
Lee Perry and His Upsetters - Roaring Lion

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