Pavarotti vs. Opera Man

Luciano Pavarotti died last week. I know the man is important to music and all, but as well versed in music as I am, I don’t think I will ever listen to opera in my life. I just simply don’t find it all that impressive. I mean, honestly, I’d take Opera Man from SNL over Pavarotti any day of the week.

I remember when the Three Tenors performed at Central Park in 1993 and it was broadcasted on television. My parents made it out like it was the most important event of the century that this marvelous singer was gracing our country with his heavenly voice. Guess they bought into the media hype, but I certainly didn’t. I was outside in my driveway shooting hoops when it was being aired. Whateva.

Pavarotti…No Like A LottiOpera Man…Like A Lotti

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