Pedro Ruy-Blas: Dolores

Pedro Ruy-Blas

I’ve always had an inquisitive and investigative nature and most especially in the crate-digging department. Methods have included thumbing through fanzines, extensively reading liner notes, reading books, scouring the Web, spending hours in record stores, and, in this case, analyzing photographs. For example, I discovered Don Drummond’s In Memory Of… by checking out the fold-out cover of Let’s Go Bowling’s Mr. Twist and Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Side By Side after checking out the cover of The Slackers Close My Eyes. The list goes on and on, but I write because I just found the Pedro Ruy-Blas Dolores LP. I’ve been hunting for this ever since I scrolled through some Stones Throw in Japan photographs last year and saw that this was one of the records Madlib bought while over there. Anyways, exciting for me, so I thought I’d share it with you. On this note, one of the best compliments I’ve ever received was from The One Squat. While standing in the kitchen of the State Street Soundsystem, he offered the words to me, “You’re a sponge for knowledge.” So go ahead and soak this gem up.

Update: This release is actually rather dull with moments of fusion brillance interlaced throughout. Doesn’t even rank anywhere on the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi’s chart of must-haves. I’ll leave the post as a testament to digging. Not everything turns out to be a gem. The point of it all is that you take the time to hunt it down and expose yourself to it. Never investigating is the worst action one could possibly do.


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