Ball Don’t Lie posted some nasty photos of wicked jams in anticipation of a lost tape of Lebron getting dunked on at his skills academy being leaked to the Web. I think it’s hilarious that Nike had previously confiscated all videos of the incident. Ridiculous. To prevent what? In fact, it’s not even that filthy of a dunk anyways.

Whatever, I thought the photos were far better. All of the dunks need to be viewed in video format first to be truly appreciated. You can do that work yourself, if you wanna. From the set, I vote Vince Carter’s as the most disgusting dunk in action (…ever!). However, I vote The Black Mamba’s dunk on Superman as the best photograph. Oooh, that’s a facial. And the aerial view. Oooh, that’s nice.

Just for Sasso, the Patrick “Chewing” dunk from his Snickers commercial was included. Watch him destroy the backboard and Ryan (not I). Ha. Ha.

The Black Mamba Destroys D-12

Patrick "Chewing"

Jordan Weekend: Coming Soon
Celtic Pride

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