PPP – On A Cloud 12″

PPP, formerly known as Platinum Pied Pipers, just dropped a preview of their upcoming album Abundance, due out October 7th, with the absolutely filthy Motown-inspired throwback track “On A Cloud” featuring Karma Stewart. The flipside offers the track “Angel” featuring Coultrain. Given the track record of those involved, the pure hotness shown on Triple P, and the wealth of creativity that is unleashed when the PPP crew mix it up; Abundance will most surely be at the top of my year end lists. While you’re waiting for the full length to drop, blow out your speakers with these cuts.

PPP – On A Cloud 12″; Ubiquity Records, 2008

Note: Instrumental and acapella tracks are not included






Shawn Jackson - First of All...
Karl Hector and The Malcouns - Sahara Swing

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