Prince Far I – Under Heavy Manners 1977-83

Michael James Williams aka “King Cry Cry” aka “The Voice of Thunder” aka “Prince Far I” possessed a style that was incomparable to all others in JA throughout the mid- to late-‘70s and early-‘80s (and ’til this day to be honest). His deep, gruff tone is wholly captivating and floored me upon my first listen as it continues to do so. Rougher than fucking rough! This set collects some of his best vibes, but one would surely be remiss to stop here as there are heaps more platters that deserve your listening and attention. Read more about the man here.

Prince Far I – Under Heavy Manners 1977-83; Trojan, 2003 Pt.1, Pt.2

Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners 1977-83 Under Heavy Manners

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