Putamayo Presents World Reggae

A thoroughly-enjoyable blend of Reggae vibes from all corners of the World…except Latin America which they slighted on this compilation. Then again, they devoted an entire album to Latin Reggae. Opened my ears up to a few artists I had never heard before including Intik and Gnawa Diffusion from Algeria, Ale Muniz from Brazil, Chris Combette from French Guiana, Bernard Uedre from New Caledonia and Majek Fashek from Nigeria among a few others. Choice selections with the only downside really being that it doesn’t contain more cuts. Cheers to Putamayo for another solid addition to their outstanding catalog.

Various Artists – Putamayo Presents World Reggae; Putamayo, 2004

Putamayo Presents World Reggae

Check the video below for a mix of all the tunes.

Top Rankin' Hi-Fi - ATL: The Best Place in the World
Mor Thiam - Dini Safarrar (Drums of Fire)

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