Quantic and His Combo Bárbaro Pt.1

On the crest of a burgeoning worldwide wave of interest in the lesser-tapped sources of music from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa; Quantic and His Combo Bárbaro are leading the charge. The debut album, Tradition In Transition (due out on July 6th via Tru Thoughts), and upcoming live tour of selected spots in Europe and America throughout August and September, will see this international cast of acclaimed musical creators fusing those rediscovered psychedelic, experimental and rhythmically rich sounds of the past with deep funk and soul elements, giving life to an explosive sonic snapshot of the eclectic and ever-evolving musical landscape of the Americas.

As a sneak peak into Quantic’s world, enjoy the trailer for the forthcoming Mochilla/Sonido del Valle production which was shot in the Colombian cities of Cali and Buenaventura. The film is based on the making of Tradition In Transition which features the talents of Will ‘Quantic’ Holland, Alfredito Linares, Nidia Gongora, Freddy Colorado, Arthur Verocai, Joao Comanche Gomes and Malcolm Catto.

Incredibly anxious doesn’t half describe my feeling towards hearing this platter. Counting the days…

Quantic and His Combo Barbaro

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