Rancid – Let The Dominoes Fall

This news broke a few weeks ago, but since my Web time is highly limited, I’m just now coming across it. Rancid finally announced the details of their forthcoming album. Its titled Let the Dominoes Fall and is set to be release on June 2nd via Hellcat/Epitaph.

It has been a long time coming, that is for sure, and ‘psyched’ doesn’t half describe how I feel about hearing new material from them. While I’ve pretty much moved on from keeping up with punk rock, and only revisit my favorite records from years past; Rancid happens to be the band (across all genres) that has had the most influence on my life and there will never be a day when I’m not eagerly awaiting any new material that they put out. Nice to have this new wax from the boys. When I got the music……..


Gave this an initial listen last evening. The song is average. Rather chorus heavy. Don’t love the group vocals in the chorus. Subject matter has been said before by them, however I’m very glad that they’re “still around and the last ones to die”. Could do without the “Come on” shouts from Tim at the end. All in all, this one falls in line with their other first singles which means it is loosely intended to appeal to a wider, radio-listening audience. I’ll bet everything I own, which is nothing, that the full length will be filled with tracks that’ll rip this piece to shreds.

Rancid – “Last One to Die” single from Let the Dominoes Fall; Hellcat, 2009

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