Records of Old

I live in Thailand. Most of my records live in Atlanta, GA, USA. While I do have hella high stacks at my house here, tons and tons of them didn’t come with me when I took that flight. Here are two of them that are tucked away somewhere in those records of old.

The record on the left, Run Rhythm Run, is loaded with undiscovered and mostly unreleased instrumentals outta Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle stable. Certified scorchin’. The story behind this one is that I used to deliver pies for Papa John’s Pizza on 10th and State. One regular customer was the folks who worked at Earwax Records on Peachtree and 11th. The key thing with them was that not only would they hook you up with a nice tip, but they’d let you pick out a CD also. That’s how I got Run Rhythm Run. And yes, they were confused that out of all the selections they had (predominantly hip-hop), I chose this classic from the late-60s Kingston scene.

The record on the right, Head Shot, is instrumentals, dubs, and other oddities from Niney the Observer. Killer vibes from Sir Winston Holness. The story behind this one is that I had been eyeing it at Full Moon Records in Candler Park for a while, but passed it up on more than one occasion for some other goods. It was a budget consideration thing more than anything. However, one day, I finally picked it up and was delighted with the sounds it contained. At the time, it was some of the first cuts of Niney’s that I had ever heard. Definitely a crucial addition to the crates, but after I first heard Microphone Attack; this one got put on the backburner for a while.

Good memories from these records of old. I know you all got stories like these. If you don’t, it’s never to late to hit up a local record shop and start collecting. I’d kill to thumb through some albums at my favorite spots, but I’m miles and miles away from the sights, smells, and sounds of those places. Hittin’ download just ain’t the same…but it sure as hell is cost effective.

Various Artists – Run Rhythm Run; Heartbeat, 1996

Niney the Observer – Head Shot; Heartbeat, 2002

Run Rhythm Run Niney the Observer - Head Shot

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - Living Like a Refugee
The Stack That Never Ends

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