Right Spot, Right Day

A case of confusion and coincidence in Baan Kun Klang, Chiang Mai.

I ventured to the far north of Thailand for a short trip and ended up spending my 30th birthday perched atop Doi Inthanon, the roof of Thailand (2,565 m / 8,415 ft). I stayed at a Hmong homestay on Doi Pui surrounded by the plentiful rows of flower gardens and stunning vistas in all directions.

I had to shake my head and laugh when I opened the door to my bungalow and discovered that the bed was covered with a ‘Happy Birthday’ blanket. Could only figure that I was meant to be in that spot on that day.


The view from outside the bungalow across Baan Kun Klang to Siriphum waterfall. Click the picture for a panoramic view.


Soi Baan Dta Bi, Tung Kamin
Takuapa Vegetarian Festival

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