Roadtrip to Krabi

I took a trip over to Krabi about a month ago, and had wanted to make it there since I arrived here, but just never did. So I went with two of my friends here, Paup and Rose, and two of their friends who were visiting from Bangkok. Aside from the simply stunning landscapes of the Krabi area, other notes included:

  • Listening to Britney Spears latest album Blackout as we left Phuket to head over there. I’ve always been one who carefully selects road trip music to get my mind primed from some exploring and when I sat down in the car and heard what was playing on the stereo, I immediately yelled “What the fuck?” to myself. Luckily the horror ended soon there after.
  • After having agreed that we would were going to drink poolside before going out that night, we went to buy some brew at “7”. When I opened up the fridge door at the shop, I grabbed four double-deuces: two Tigers, two Heinekens…for myself. When my friends opened up the fridge door, they each grabbed two 12oz. Changs. I have drank with them plenty of times before, but I guess we had different visions for what that particular afternoon and evening were going to entail.
  • Consuming said beers that were purchased and then proceeding to be completely hammered by the time we ended up at the bar later that evening. Drank bucket after bucket, chilled out to the music that was playing well above the designated level of safe decibels for one’s ears, and fell into the bushes as I tried to get into the car to go back to the room. Somehow, I can recount everything…at least I think so.

Esperanaza Over Ao Phra Nang

Submerge Yourself
The Saints x Esperanza

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