Ronnie Earl vs. Collective Efforts

Eating at a local shop in Lamai. In my head, I started spittin’ “……Peace, see ya later, I’m headin’ to North Decatur. J-Mil beat bumpin’ in the CD player. Freestylin’, folks starin’ like I’m wildin’, so I’m starin’ back at ’em, head noddin’ still ridin’……”. Didn’t know why the random Collective Efforts verse came up, then I heard the song on the hi-fi. Never heard it before and realized the single guitar riff was from the same beat in CE crew’s “Easy”. What?!?

Immediately had to figure out what song was playing. Nobody was paying me any attention and the song ended. Damn! I’ve discovered a few cuts with some minor words to build on for my detective work, but this was an instrumental. No clues to be found. Mystery remained.

Laughed about how simple it would be with the Shazam app. I’ve never used it before. Saw it in action once though when Squat showed it to me at the Star Bar. Impressive, but I also thought that it would kill one of my favorite pastimes – hunting down music I’ve heard and have some lyrics/riddims to go on, but not enough to just know the tune.

Reminds me of some bit from some comedian about how back in the day you just didn’t know things. His example was where Tom Petty was from. You’d ask around, chat about it at a bar, this, that, the other and then one day you find out he is from Gainesville, Florida.

A similar service is the Who Sampled Who? site which is brilliant, but a place I get out of quick if I visit. Filled with spoilers all over!

While I’ve certainly found some shortcuts here and there online to figure things out, I quite like to keep with that era in time. Mysteries keep you anticipating more until that moment arrives, sometimes months/years later, and you shout “Oh shit!”

Weeks later. Same shop. Same song! Jumped up and asked the waitress to find out what song was playing. Was it streaming? on a CD they were playing? mp3? She said “I don’t know. Maybe I could just use the Shazam app to find out!” Fuck me.

Got it though! It was Ronnie Earl’s “Glimpses of Serenity” off his Healing Time LP. First time I’d ever heard of him. Looked up the song when I got home and I’ll be damned if that guitar lick isn’t the source of the beat for “Easy” or the inspiration for the groove. Check it below. You can hear it at the 0:25 mark and straight away in the Collective Efforts cut.

Musical discoveries never get old.



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