Seasons Greetings

Hope everyone out there enjoyed the holiday season and had a Merry Christmas. Again, I found it difficult to remember it was even Christmas season as there are essentially no reminders here in Thailand. No lights on trees, wreaths on doors, shops advertising their specials, jingles playing on the stereo, Christmas tree lots, chilly days and bitter cold evenings, films on TV, avoiding crowded shopping areas, cups of hot chocolate, baking cookies, gatherings with friends, wrapping presents, and all the other aspects that going along with this time of the year. Life here is different, what else can I say.

However, we did have a tree at The Sarojin which was a small reminder and I downloaded A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation to make the days feel like home for at least a couple of hours. I definitely knew it was Christmas Day though when I suited up in the ol’ Saint Nick outfit and strolled along the beach and throughout the resort greeting the guests with a mighty “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and handing out goodies to them all.

Enjoy the pictures and on a final note, I have to say that Christmas is the time of year when I really do get homesick. I love the traditions associated with the season and seeing my friends and family. Perhaps one day I’ll be back to share in the festivities. Hope everything was great and have a Happy New Year!








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