Shambhala – The Lotus Of…

This album was discovered by The One EK while strollin’ down the sidewalks of Little Five Points…where everyday is Halloween. Not in a storefront window or from a sketchy character selling stuff out of his trunk, but literally just lying on the sidewalk. Guess it was his lucky day or perhaps there is an unknown reason for the finding and it was delivered from above. Who knows?

Shambhala is two like-minded MCs Agua and Born Infinite and DJ Tsun Tzu on the ones and twos. Hailing from Washington DC, but receiving their guidance and inspiration from the Buddhist teachings of the Far East, they put out their debut album, The Lotus Of…, in 2004 and opened the minds of many throughout the hip-hop underground. Feel the Eastern vibrations rumble through your heart, meditate on the conscious lyricism as it filters through your mind, and keep an eye out for their follow-up effort The Return of the Silent Dragons which is set to be released this year.

Shambhala – The Lotus Of…;199 Records, 2004

The Lotus Of…Shambhala

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Joe Bataan

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