Shawn Jackson – First of All…

Shawn Jackson is a hip hop recording artist who has clearly preserved his ’88 hip hop admiration, while balancing it with the relevance of today’s culture. An aspiring MC for years, Shawn was truly introduced to the hip hop community in 1999 as Soul Kaliba, one half of the Rhode Island based group Roolette. After holding it down it the R.I. area, Shawn returned back to his home of Southern California in 2005 to release the experimental 12″ GO! under the moniker of New Jack Hustle which featured production by Newman of Giant Panda.Shawn Jackson’s latest project, First of All… is a highly-anticipated album that aims to satisfy true fans that feel a void within quality hip hop music. It’s balance and well-rounded features give listeners something that is often missing from hip hop, and further proves that Shawn Jackson is one of the strongest MCs in the game to date. His swagger, rhyme play, and well thought-out content sets a high standard for those that choose to follow.

Turn dem speakers up loud and let the bass thump while S.J. spits on the mic and makes the whole damn place jump.

Shawn Jackson – First of All; Tres Records, 2008


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