Sierra Maestra

Sierra Maestra is one of Cuba’s favorite Son bands. Founded in Cuba, in 1976, the group has revived the traditional Son of the 20s and 30s, cautiously modernized it and led it into the Cuban mainstream. After Sierra Maestra had conquered the island and been sent to represent it at various festivals, the ensemble produced several international albums. Concert tours have led the musicians to Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. In recent years, their band-leader, the très virtuoso Juan de Marcos Gonzales has also headed the Afro-Cuban All-Stars and was the mastermind of Buena Vista Social Club.

Sierra Maestra – Tibiri Tábara; Nonesuch, 1998

Sierra Maestra – Rumbero Soy; Riverboat, 2002

Sierra Maestra - Tibiri Tabara Sierra Maestra - Rumbero Soy

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