Ska, Reggae, Smokes, Brews, & Tats

How fitting in a dubwise situation, next up is a place called Ska Bar down in Kata Beach which I went to a few weeks ago and have intended to go back to since, but haven’t. I thought it would be highly catered toward tourists aka only Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, but when we sat down, among all the farangs (foreigners), they were droppin some Black Uhuru, followed by some Junior Kelly, and followed by nuff wicked vibrations to make them a legit soundsystem.

Zero Bob was played, and I had to explain myself out to my friend that it wasn’t that Bob Marley is not one of JA’s finest products, its just that it is beyond stereotypical for a touristy type reggae bar to just play Legend, followed by Legend, followed by Legend. Fuck man…give me some Sylford Walker and Welton Irie “Lambs Bread International” instead.

Lack of beer and cigarettes. They have crap for selection when it comes to the sinful libations. Literally like five beers to choose from…Chang, Leo, Singha, Heineken, and Tiger. Ouch. Smokes…Pall Mall, Benson and Hedges, Marlboro, Wonders, L&M, and whatever else I would never ever purchase in the states. I could go for an American Spirit and a Terrapin right now. Oh well, comes with the territory…literally.

Tattoos in Thailand. People love me man. They haven’t seen someone like me in probably forever. There are plenty of Thai’s with tattoos, but they don’t have that BlndSght style goin on. Nothing but smiles and thumbs up for me. Back in the ATL it was a daily basis where I was internally telling local Highland folk to fuck off cause off their attitudes. Here the shit never happens.  I’ve gone to bars and had people tell me they recognize me just from riding their motorbike down the street. Rockstar baby. Kinda odd.

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