Slam Dunk 2010: The Streets Shine

The Association dishes out what has to be one of their best moves ever. Reforming the rules to the All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest to allow the 4th member of the contest to come from outside the league. Regional contests have been held throughout the U.S. and fans worldwide can check out the Sprite Slam Dunk Show Down to vote for their favorite dunker.

If each viewer has their brain working properly, then Taurian Fontanette aka “Air Up There”, aka “Mr. 720”, aka “Sickest Dunker Ever” better be the one reppin’ the streets in Dallas. It’s gonna be one hell of a show come February 13th. And to think that Bron Bron is gonna join in this time…damn. Bet he changed his mind after The Association dropped this campaign.

Waves and Vibes
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