Sounds and Pressure Vol.6

This release thoroughly confuses me. Some distributors have it available for purchase. However, the Pressure Sounds site has nothing on it. The latest Pressure Sounds release is cataloged as PSCD64 which is the Delroy Wilson Dub Plate Style LP that dropped last week. However, the cover of this release shows it is cataloged as PSCD100. Huh?

I came across it a few months back while digging for the Once Upon a Time at King Tubby’s LP, but couldn’t hunt down a link that was working. Then someone sent me a message with a link to a site that had it. Trouble was that everything was in Polish. I actually went through the trouble of figuring out how to read “register”, “download”, etc. in Polish just to get the album. Then, after all that tedious work, I clicked the link and it was dead. Damn!

So, I gave up and moved on. I had most of the cuts anyways, but life just wouldn’t be complete without hearing U-Roy’s self-produced “Linger You Linger” 45 on his own Mego-Ann label. Nor would life be complete without hearing two additional versions of the incredibly massive Revolutionaries dubplate of “Kunta Kinte Versions 3 & 4”. Both of which are contained on Sounds and Pressure Vol.6.

Well, all the cuts arrived in my crates today when I came across the album again. Boss vibrations!

Should you care to know. “Linger You Linger Version”, the B-side cut of the 45, was sampled by Madlib and Dilla for the “Heavy” cut on Jaylib’s legendary Champion Sound. You can also find a dub version of the track, titled “Heavy Dub”, on Herman Chin Loy’s Aquarius Dub. If ya didn’t know, now ya know.

Various Artists – Sounds and Pressure Vol.6; Pressure Sounds, 2009

Sounds and Pressure Vol.6

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