Straight to eMusic’s Head

A few months back, I posted my praises to eMusic for their outstanding selection of tunes and their recently-enhanced site featuring in-page links to Wikipedia and Flickr. While all of those things remain as I write this, what does not remain is their service to Thailand; and for that I have to say “Fuck You eMusic!”. You eliminated my monthly outlet for scoring quality vibrations that are unavailable anywhere else or require me to wait until someone else posts it on the Web (which makes them free, but requires a undesirable and undetermined waiting period).

Well, I’ve been a subscriber since 2002 back when the site was unlimited. Boycotted after they set a limit on downloads, but rejoined after their catalog was beefed up from new labels as a result of the new policies. Now, I’m neither active nor boycotting, just simply waiting until they change their service policy or I move to another country. Bastards.

Props to you if you understand the meaning behind the title of this post.

Fucking Bastards

The Surroundings
Ohmega Watts - The Platypus Strut

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