Strange Dreams

Okay a quick list of some strange, and I mean strange!, dreams I’ve had in my first month here. I haven’t been smokin’ herb for about a month now which would lead me to believe that is the reason behind these. Elimination of toxins. These are the kind where you wake up, and just go…what the fuck?

  • Fist fight with Ms. Aaron from St.Pius X English class
  • 2×4 fight with my friend Aaron Wood from the ATL
  • Note the theme of Aaron and Wood in the above….HUH???
  • Absolute Onslaught Maniacal Destructive Behavior in the lobby, front desk, kitchen area, rooms, parking lot, wherever else in some random hotel. Reason why? Unknown. I woke up.
  • Getting Busted For Distribution of Lambs Bread at the Decatur Library, and subsequent elimination of my travels
  • Something that had to do with Mr. Brisbane from Pius.
  • Dreaming about pinching myself, and then waking up from doing so.
  • Operating a Soundclash at the base of Stone Mountain. And I mean a proper soundclash straight from the Nottingham Carnival stylee.
  • Jermaine O’Neal from the Pacers was my brother and we were rebels in the Land of the Rising Sun. Oh yeah Pat O’Brien from Entertainment Tonight and the 90’s show “How’d they do That?” was our father.
  • Having four rows of teeth like a shark
  • Something else ridiculously crazy when I go to sleep tonight. Wonder what.
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