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The Black Ark

The Black Ark, set in the Washington Gardens district of Kingston, was the site where Lee Perry unleashed his brilliance in aural innovation to the I-niverse. The tapes rolled no stop through the Echoplex reverb unit and the Mutron phaser directly into the 4-track Teac recorder and were then mixed down on the soundboard with Scratch at the helm manipulating the riddim in ways nobody had ever done before and nobody has ever replicated since.

It easily ranks as the most creative and inventive studio to ever set up shop in Kingston, but, tragically, its 6 years of production came to an end when Scratch himself lit fire to the establishment, along with its tape vaults, in what has been described as an effort to cleanse it of the evil spirits he felt had entered it in the late 70’s.

The Congos – Heart of the Congos is my favorite album to ever come out of Black Ark. If ya dun know, den gwaan grab yaself a copy n’ tek di spiritual jahnee.

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