Thai Night-Market Styles: Pick Up The Rockers

Every shirt has a story. This one goes like this. Browsing at the night market, I came across this one and my eyes started buggin’ outta my head. Selection of colors available, so I opted for a peach-colored version. Rocked it for a month or two, then it ended up in Germany. How?

Khun Ree and I were chillin’ at KorTorMor in Phuket Town one evening sippin’ 100 Pipers and checkin’ out a bomb Thai girl dancin’ her ass off and commenting how that dancin’ has got to translate to being excellent in bed. Seemed like an impossibility at the moment. One drink, two drinks, ten drinks, and some conversation about Gentleman and The Far East Band later…she ended up in my bed. After a night of hooking up, she grabbed my ‘Pick Up The Rockers’ shirt in the morning and put it on, asked me to come to Bangkok for the weekend before she went back to Leverkusen, Germany, I debated (weighing my funds and skipping work on Monday), I said “Yeah, why not.”, so she said she’d wait outside for a bit. After gathering my stuff, I came looking for her, but to no avail. She was gone forever and so was my shirt. While I loved the shirt, it was 100% worth trading it for a night with her (name forgotten). Luckily, I came across another print. This one is for you Bayer Leverkusen gal.

Pick Up The Rockers

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