Thai Smokes

Cigarette packs are the greatest here because they require full photos of the repercussions of smoking on the cover. I’ve seen a dissected chest showing the lungs of someone who smokes way more than I do, and a woman holding a baby and smoking, a guy with a tube inserted into his throat, rotten teeth, etc, etc, and the best of which is a guy smoking with skulls looking down on his being. I think it is the greatest thing ever.

Not that I am unfamiliar with the negatives associated with smoking, but because of the awesome imagery on every pack of smokes. I mean, no shit that smoking is bad for you, but skull and crossbones on your shoulder when you light up, that’s fantastic. Anytime you voluntarily inhale carcinogens, you kill yourself, and if you don’t understand that then you are an idiot. On the same token, nobody has ever died from smoking herb.

Thailand Cigs

Oh yeah. They got these here too!………Not.

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