Thailand Gaming Shops

Here in Thailand I mentioned that the internet cafes are not really Internet cafes, they’re gaming cafes because the only thing they get used for is playing online games and not for any sort of information research. The average age in these places is 14 years old and strictly all males.

They seriously love this shit so much. Most of them play role playing games which is fine for community playing, but sometimes they play this breakdancing game which looks like the lamest crap you could possibly imagine.

I started crackin up the first nite I saw them playin it because they do exactly what I used to rip on my friends as a kid for doin when playing video games, and that is physical movement that coincides with the character in the game…aka moving controller up when Mario jumps as if it is helping in some sort of fashion. It’s all in the thumbs not the whole body.

So these kids literally rock out to the music on the headphones which is god knows what, but it’s a sight to see man. Hey whatever floats your boat, but don’t think someone is not making a mental note and writing halfway around the world to report your dumbass actions.

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