The Big Ticket Goes to Boston

Haaaaallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
This is the dawning of a new era! After KG publicly stated that he had zero desire to go to Boston to meet up with Wally Szczerbiak again; The Celtics wised up, got rid of Szczerbs, shipped in Ray Allen, and went out and got motherfuckin’ Kevin Garnett. Holy shit!

I’ll be honest, the Celtics have a monstrous amount of work to do before the Larry O’Brien trophy will be making its ways to Boston, but grabbing KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth is one hell of leap in the right direction. The downside is that Gerald Green is gone and so is Sebastian Telfair. Guess you can’t get the glory without giving away nuthin’. At least Paul Pierce didn’t leave Beantown. Can’t wait till the first tipoff. Celtic pride!

I know Bill Sharman’s #21 jersey already hangs in rafters of The Garden, but if you can’t foresee ‘The 5 identities of KG’ ad campaign along with the Adidas ‘It takes 5’ ad campaign in relation to KG droppin’ the #21 jersey and adopting the #5 jersey; then you’re blind as fucking bat or you don’t understand that the whole world revolves around marketing.

If I could smile as big as KG, then I would, but its damn near impossible. Still can’t top Magic Johnson’s smile. And I quote Brent Musberger: “He’s got a smile that lights up the television screen from here (L.A.) to Bangor, Maine.” Classic.

The Five Identities of KG

The Dawning Of A New Era

What is up with NBA referees? First Joey Crawford challenged Tim Duncan to a fight in the middle of a damn game, only to suspended for the rest of the season by The Commish. Now we have Tim Donaghy making calls to help put more money in his pockets. Ridiculous. What’s even crazier is the guy’s track record which includes shouting obscenities at his neighbor while golfing, setting his neighbor’s tractor on fire, driving the neighbor’s golf cart into a ravine, and calling the cops on a six-year-old kid who was throwing rocks onto his lawn. What a dumbass. Maybe the NBA should just get the announcer from AND1 to do the games, so he can just yell “Ooooohhhhh, Baby!” all game long.

Magic x Bird
Congrats to the Esperanza Crew

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