The Budos Band: The Budos Band II

The latest musical offering from the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi is the second platter from the unheralded emperors of instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul – The Budos Band.

Back with a stingin’ hot selection of recordings and it couldn’t have come soon enough. I’ve been tapping my foot in anticipation of this treasure ever since the debut album hit my eardrums. Far too sophisticated to have a sophomore slump, they’ve switched up the style slightly to add in some subtle layers keeping the overall texture completely chill while never straying from that intoxicating groove. This piece of wax yields instant classic status and instant heavy rotation.

Don’t fuck around with the Daptone sound!

The Budos Band II

The Daptone Sound

The Budos Band Can’t Hoop It Up But They Can Kill A Fuckin’ Groove

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