The Doctor

I finally got a chance to see this documentary and it was everything I’d anticipated it to be. Incredible look into the life of Julius Erving, the man known worldwide as Dr. J.

Learned quite a bit about his life that I never knew and it solidified a few things that I already knew; the fact that his style was beyond comparison, that his ability on the hardwood and above-the-rim were incomparable for the time and that the classy way he lived his life was unmatched in the Association (the American one and the National one). Truly a legend and truly a must-see for all hoops fans!

The Doctor – Directed by Zak Levitt, 2013



Psyched to see the Lil’ Sport Dr. J Basketball Hoop in the documentary. The very first goal that I lit up the nets on!

Lil' Sport Dr. J Basketball Hoop

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