The Funk Ark

With a superb sophomore effort, High Noon, to follow up their exceptionally-nice debut set, From the Rooftops, The Funk Ark, from Washington D.C., USA, showcase their all-encompassing sound with roots in, what else,…Funk! Shades of Afrobeat blend with bits of Latin and are all held together with a undeniable groove.

Founder, composer and pianist of the group, Will Rast, sums up the ethos of the crew quite nicely by saying “Funk seems simple, but it takes an almost spiritual dedication to the music to play it well. When we’re playing at our best, the music becomes greater than the sum of its parts. What we do requires each player to contribute a small, but integral, part of the whole; when we all lock into the groove, it becomes a sort of meditation.”

I suggest you listen for yourself just how nicely they contribute to the overall sound and just how perfectly they can lock in to a groove.

The Funk Ark – From the Rooftops; ESL, 2011

The Funk Ark – High Noon; ESL, 2012

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