The Grant Phabao Recipe

The Grant Phabao Recipe is as follows: Take a smokin’ dancehall hit, a true ganja song. Remove the instrumental crust, usually a digital riddim without much musicanship in it. Take the vocal part and dress it carefully with a brand new 70s-reggae skanking riddim, with Jamaican heavy drumming and delicate percussions, guitar licks and melodious organ chords. Don’t hesitate to spread a good slice of breaks into the beats. Leave it to rest for a few months. The final cooking part consist in a few days of getting that huge booming sound that goes with reggae. Spice with bits of echo and delay. And finally, don’t forget to serve the resulting classic herb tune with an already fired-up big bammy!

Mr. Vegas feat. Alozade & Hollow Point – Under Me Sensi (GP Remix)

Mr. Vegas

Beenie Man & Ms. Thing – Dude (GP Remix)

Beenie Man

Also available is the highly-limited 45 (only 100 copies pressed) on the T.I.M.E.C. label showcasing the legendary Carlton Livingston riding Grant Phabao’s reworking of the classic Dion and the Belmonts hit from 1959.

GP presents Carlton Livingston – Teenager In Love

Carlton Livingston

All vibes courtesy of the virtual-release archives at Paris DJs.

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