The Insteps – Eleven Steps to Power

One of the best albums to come out of the NYC Ska scene of the mid- to late-90s. Rootsy, traditional Ska with soulful vocals that are perfect in every single way…except for the goat noises added to the last track; still annoys me to this day. Nonetheless, exceptional from start to finish. Unfortunately, this pressing would be the only full length that the band would put out.

The Insteps – Eleven Steps to Power; Another Planet, 1996

The Insteps - Eleven Steps to Power

I’ve included a bonus cut with the album. It is one of the last songs the group recorded before disbanding. “Walk Away” which they released along with “Mr. Mobutu” via the Dancing Mood compilation on Triple Crown Records in ’98. It was one of their best cuts and, sadly, left you anticipating more and more of the unmistakable sound of The Insteps, but aching since it marked the boys departure from the studio forever. The sweet melodies live on though.

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