The Lions – Jungle Struttin’

The Lions is a unique Jamaican-inspired outfit, the result of an impromptu recording session by members of Breakestra, Connie Price and the Keystones, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Orgone, Sound Directions, Plant Life, Poetics and Macy Gray (to name a few). Gathering at Orgone’s Killion Studios, in Los Angeles during the Fall of 2006 for three sessions, they created grooves that went beyond the reggae spectrum by combining new and traditional rhythms, and dub mixing mastery with the global sounds of Ethiopia, Colombia and Africa combined with a healthy dose of soul, jazz, and funk to create their debut album, Jungle Struttin’, that’s both a nod to the funky exploits of Kingston and a mash of contemporary sound stylings.

The Lions – Jungle Struttin’; Ubiquity Records, 2008

The Lions

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