The Now-Again Sound

In honor of The One Squat’s birthday, I’m dishin’ out some goodies for all.

The first is that Now-Again style showcased in the compilation Midwest Funk: Funk 45s from Tornado Alley which continues Egon’s crate-diggin’ adventures in collaboration with the Jazzman crew. A stellar selection of 45s that were all likely covered in dust in a basement somewhere before being unearthed and presented on this here long player.

The next gem is the Now-Again Re:Sounds Vol.1 collection of seven inches. Unreleased wax from the likes of The Heliocentrics, Guilty Simpson, Koushik, Edan, Aloe Blacc, Egon & Percee P, and Lord Quas & The Roe-O-Tation doin’ the Rapp Cats Pt.3 cut. The song is certainly choice but the video is where it’s really at. Peep it.

Enjoy the grooves.

Tornado Alley GroovesThe Re:Sounds Vol.1

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