The Pi-Hi Scrapbook

Diggin’ through a box of some stuff from back in my high school days and thought I’d share this for a select few, namely Los, the coolest Latino punk rocker I’ve ever met, back home in the ATL.

Included in this mix are newsletters, etc. from The Riverdales, The Queers and Jawbreaker, fanzine featuring Ben Weasel, Dan Panic and Joe Queer, items from Sicko including the Dateless Losers Club, press photo and some pictures from a house show behind KFC in Athens, GA. Wanted to go to the show after that one in Columbia, SC with Keith, Megan and Los, but my parents wouldn’t let me; however, my Dad was generous enough to drive me an hour away to this show on a school night, wait in the car for hours and then take me back home. Awesome!

Among the rest are flyers from local punk bands that I loved, and still do, from shows at the Somber Reptile, Man…or Astroman? stuff, MST3K Fan Club membership card and a transparency with Crow, Joel and Tom Servo silhouettes that you can stick to your TV, a poster taken off the side of Wuxtry in Athens for a show at the 40 Watt featuring The Woggles and Satan’s Pilgrims, Lookout Records poster from 1995 with their full catalog on the back, and a few ads, clipped from The Loaf, of shows at the Masquerade, BLT’s, Somber Reptile and the Wreck Room. There’s also a collection of Ticketmaster stubs collected from 1995-2005. When showing these to my girlfriend here in Thailand, she said “You went to ALL these shows!?” upon which I laughed as the true amount of shows I attended, the vast amount of which had a hand stamp and not a ticket stub, was well over one hundred times more than shown here. Good memories from these shows and many many more.

Fun to look back on this stuff, but upsetting in a sense as there were heaps and heaps more of similar items that, were it not for a regretful clean-out session one night, I would still have. Can’t get it all back though, so whateva.

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