The Poets of Rhythm

A long time favorite of mine. Seriously, if you’re not up on this record, do so now. No, don’t wait till tomorrow…now. Amazing soundscapes on this wax from these incredibly versatile musicians. Follow up your investigation with In The Raw recorded under the alias of The Whitefield Brothers. Don’t stop there, hunt down all the releases…if you can. Oh yeah, and if you get any of those obscure 45s, send them over!

Complete Discography (Research, not Downloads): Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5

The Poets of Rhythm – Discern/Define; Quannum Projects/Ninja Tune, 2001

The Poets of Rhythm

The Whitefield Brothers – In the Raw; Soul Fire Records, 2002

Whitefield Brothers - In the Raw Original

The Poets of Rhythm:
Boris “Bo Baral” Geiger : Lead Vocals / Percussion / Musical Director
Jan “JJ” Weissenfeldt (Whitefield) : Guitar / Musical Director
Jan “Curly” Krause : Fender Bass
Till “Spooky” Sahm : Organ / Moog / Rhodes
Malte “Malteo” Müller-Egloff : Alto Sax (later replaced by Wolfgang “Wolfi” Schlick)
Wolfgang “Wolfi” Schlick : Alto Sax / Side Flute
Michael “Treetop” Voss : Trumpet
Max “Muggy” Weissenfeldt (Whitefield) : Drums

The Poets Of Rhythm known aliases:
Bo Baral’s Excursionists of Perception
Bus People Express
Dynamic Soundmakers
Karl Hector & the Funk Pilots
Karl Hector & the Malcouns
The Mercy Sluts
The Mighty Continentals
The New Process
Organized Raw Funk
The Pan-Atlantics
The Soul-Saints Orchestra
The Soul Sliders
The Whitefield Brothers
The Woo Woo’s

Lord Tanamo
Ninja Tune

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