The Robustos

The Robustos were a traditional ska-rocksteady band from Atlanta, GA, USA who I had the supreme pleasure of seeing live on dozens of occasions. Their blend of ska, rocksteady and soul was top-notch and had an enormous influence on my listening ear as their records came to serve as a sort of benchmark for which I’d judge other sounds. The group gigged constantly and always landed the opening spot for national acts that would come through the area making for some very memorable shows in the ATL. Still wish so much that I was around a few years ago for the two-show reunion. These two platters have been spun literally thousands of times and there is no doubt that they’ll receive another thousand spins more in the future. If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor and check out this band that will forever remain very special to me.

The Robustos – Introducing; Ska Satellite (Moon Ska), 1997

The Robustos – The New Authentic; Beatville, 1999

The Robustos - Introducing The Robustos - The New Authentic

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