The Saints x Esperanza

Top Five Saints-Related Happenings

  1. Baumgartner and Jeanie wedding – Congrats!
  2. Berto and Fern’s first child – Congrats!
  3. The One EK’s beard – Al Borlandish!
  4. Isaf’s intention to visit The Kingdom – Word!
  5. Esperanza mashin’ up the ATL – Nuff Respect!

Top Five Esperanza-Related Happenings

  1. Barbalho visited during his honeymoon and it was unbelievably strange to have a fellow Saint hanging out on my side of the World. Of course, I initiated his arrival by taking him directly to Bangla Rd. where, after saying we’d only have some casual beers while chattin’ it up, we proceeded to end up at the strip club buying shot after shot and drink after drink, stumbling down to Tiger Disco and having the ladies flock to us, and finally putting D-Bar in the incredibly awkward scenario of having to explain how he got a hickey on his neck after one night out in Patong on his honeymoon. Classic. Nuff respect for the gifts that were given to me by the Esperanza crew. Pimp threads, delicious ATL-brew, stickers to spread the word in Thailand (check The Hope Over Thailand section), and the sickest cufflinks I’ve ever owned. Saints forever!
  2. The Stomp and Stammer show looked like it was fantastic. Sounded like a recipe for drinking far too many Sierra Nevadas, smoking too many cigarettes in that alley, rocking out to some fine ATL bands, stumbling over to The Yacht Club, and not remembering a whole lot the next day.
  3. Where the hell are the NYC pictures from October? I want to see some evidence of The Big Apple Takeover!
  4. The new shirts in the teaser post look awesome. I got a good laugh over how backwards things are here. You’re debuting winter-themed shirts and I’m getting psyched that the weather will be nice all summer. You’re writing top five song lists for wearing multiple layers and drinking on the porch and I’m writing top five song lists for lounging on the beach and sippin’ drinks in 85-degree weather. Crazy. Anyways, my favorite is the police badge shirt. Can’t wait to rock that bad boy after it’s in production.
  5. The annual trunk party had me all fucking sentimental when you sent out that post. I remember chilling out at the first one, picking up some new shirts at a discount price, giving The One Squat a dollar tip for being a swell guy, forgetting Blaire Brooks’ name, being pissed that you didn’t carry ‘Bring Back The Point” in men’s brown, admiring Squat’s shower curtain, talkin’ with Karlo, bullying the jukebox at Fontaine’s with The Skatalites, drinking Sweetwater Festive Ale and Sierra Neveda Celebration Ale, and having a splendid time with some friends and thinking to myself that it was gonna be one of the last times that would happen for years since I knew I was departing the ATL soon, but hadn’t shared it with anyone yet. Well, hope it was all a resounding success and keep up the work fellas.

The Hope Over Thailand

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