The Senior Allstars

The Senior Allstars formed in 1992 as the backing band for Richie Jung aka Dr. Ring Ding. The group was a Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae/Dub ensemble that released five albums and two collaborative projects with Doreen Shaffer and Lord Tanamo over the course of their ten-year existence. Their sound was perhaps one of the most authentic of any third-wave group and their discography is crucial to your crates. That wax is for another post though.

Here, the focus is on the remarkable instrumental vibes from The Senior Allstars. The quality throughout is of the highest order and I highly recommend you pick up each of these platters. With the exception of Nemo which includes the Sniff EP, this material was released after their split with Dr. Ring Ding. However, on their most recent effort, Hazard, released last year, the ‘Big Man’ was back in session with his crew playing his ol’ trombone. Check the video below of him and the rest of the band in action in the studio to the tune of “Universal”.

The Senior Allstars - Nemo The Senior Allstars - Red Leaf

The Senior Allstars - Come Around The Senior Allstars - Hazard

Hotlanta v. The Windy City
David Peel and the Lower East Side - Have a Marijuana

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