The Silencers – Lost Sessions

Delivering a request from a reader and sharing with all. It’s the five-song demo from The Silencers, a short-lived collaborative project that featured Tim “Lint” Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Victor “Lord Sluggo” Ruggerio, Josh Freese and Cris “The Wix” Qualiana. The group recorded between 1995-98 in the downtime between Rancid’s And Out Come the Wolves and Life Won’t Wait records. These songs appeared on the flipside of some Life Won’t Wait demos and only “Policeman” was officially released via the first Give ‘Em the Boot compilation. The song would later be re-recorded by Sic & Mad (…the band that spawned The Slackers). Enjoy these long-lost tunes dug up from the vaults.

The Silencers – Lost Sessions; No Label, 1995-98

The Silencers - Lost Sessions

Check this video of “Policeman” being performed live on 22.07.10 at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL by Vic Ruggerio & The Forthrights, a dope NYC crew droppin’ strictly big tunes inna the Ska Mob spirit. Check their killer tune “Other People” here and listen to my mixtape, Love is All I Bring, for King Django’s massive version titled “Anywhere I Roam”. Big ups to “telegraphrocks” for capturing the nugget below along with many others from that evening including the SKAndalous All-Stars tunes “Parking Lot“, “Sunday Malady” and, one of my favorite Vic Ruggerio tunes, “Columbus, TX“. Scorchin’!

Woima Collective - Tezeta
Prince Alla - "Daniel" b/w Tappa Zukie - "Blackman"

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