The Simpsons Movie Finally Here

Checked out The Simpsons Movie the other nite……in the comfort of my living room that is. That’s right, already pirated and being sold on the streets of Phuket, for 100 baht – US$3.00, and throughout all of Asia. Perfect quality and no problems whatsoever……with the DVD.

The electricity in my house was a different story. Phuket runs on three-phase electricity and I don’t know what the hell was happening during the film, but my lights were dimming down to about 5W and the fans were rotating at about 3rpm, and then, about every 15 minutes, they’d brighten back up to normal strength for a few minutes before repeating the cycle all over again. I tried to look up what three-phase electricity is all about, but it was immediately mind-boggling and made me not care after about one minute of reading. Guess I need to hit up The Porcelain Doll for an explanation of all electrical engineering jargon. However, I asked my co-worker what the deal was and he said they were likely switching the direction of the grid. Very odd occurrences, but it detracted none from the hilarity of the film.

I’m gonna have to give the film another viewing to drop more on the matter but for now my favorites include:

  • Homer whipping the dogs. “Run…Jump…Land…Rest…Run!”
  • The back references throughout the movie such as the Springfield Gorge and Comic Book Buy saying “Life Well Spent” instead of “Oh I’ve Wasted My Life” among others.
  • Wrecking ball between A Rock and A Hard Place.
  • “Let’s thank the Lord for this bountiful…PENIS……Bountiful penis…….Amen.” – Quote of the movie!
  • Ralph beating the shit out of the bullies with a baseball bat. [Hey you should bring that Louisville, yeah man I know where! – Warsaw!!!]
  • Dr. Nick “Bye, everybody!”
  • Itchy and Scratchy Movie, then Homer saying “we can watch this at home for free.”

Well, many more in addition to those, but I gotta borrow it from my friend again or just go grab my own copy. Cheers for a job well done by The Simpsons crew.

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