The Soul Surfers & Sputnik-1

Upcoming 45s from Russia to be served up by Ubiquity later this month. The first is from The Soul Surfers and features the dirty, funky “Doin‘ the Rasklad”, on one side backed with a Brazilian-Jazz cut, “Girl from São Paulo” on the other. The second is from Sputnik-1 and features heavy, raw drum work laced with, you guessed it, spacey, psyched-out moods and sounds on both the a-side, “50,000 Lightyears” and the flip, “Space Race”.

The Soul Surfers – “Doin‘ the Rasklad” b/w “Girl from São Paulo“; Ubiquity, 2012

Sputnik-1 – “50,000 Lightyears” b/w “Space Race“; Ubiquity, 2012

Lloyd Brevett: 1931-2012
Shaolin Afronauts - Quest Under Capricorn

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