The Stance Brothers

The Stance Brothers represent raw garage jazz in its purest form. The band is from Helsinki, Finland, and was formed by the Stance brothers Isiah, vibes and keys, and Dwayne, bass and guitar. After enlisting their friend, a virtuoso drummer by the name of Byron Breaks, the line up was complete. The man behind the musical vision is producer/drummer Teppo “Teddy Rok” Mäkynen, know for his incredible production work and playing the drums for The Five Corners Quintet and other ensembles.

The core of The Stance Brothers’ sound stems from countless hours spent jamming at their dusty garage. The trio’s unfaltering will to excel in playing funk-influenced garage jazz comes second only to their passion for shooting hoops at the nearby basketball court. (Awesome!)

The Stance Brothers – Kind Soul; Ricky-Tick Records, 2007

The Stance Brothers

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