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A Charmed Life Comes To An End

KALASIN: Hubris often comes before a downfall, but the demise of one superstitious man in Kalasin province perhaps came more predictably than most.

The body of the man in question was found in a small shack in forest of this northeastern province. Maj Phabun Titiyan, an Inspector at Kalasin Muang District Police station, said that the man had been beaten to death with blunt instruments.

Though police had yet to give final confirmation of the victim’s identity, a medical card he was carrying gave the name Buan Munri.

Whatever the victim’s name, evidence revealed that an attack on the man’s life might not have been wholly unexpected. His stomach bore a large tattoo of a design believed to give protection from weapons. He was also found with a shoulder bag containing a large collection of amulets, charms, pendants and Buddha images.

An autopsy confirmed the obvious – that the cause of death was multiple trauma to the head and neck. Examiners also found two strange bullet wounds where the man had been shot with a homemade rifle. Remarkably, however, the bullets had apparently bounced off the victim leaving only bruises.

As it turned out, these wounds may have been the real cause behind his death – at least in a roundabout way.

The owner of the shack where the body was found, 53-year-old Lai Phanbunmee, said that the man was not from his village, but often came to stay in the shack. He was an avid collector of charms, spells and anything else to do with the supernatural.

The victim liked to claim that his lucky charms made his skin impenetrable to knives and bullets.
So convinced was he in their power that he often invited people to prove his claims by stabbing or shooting him, K. Lai said.

The man’s invincibility annoyed some local youths, however.
Finding that they could indeed not kill the man with their homemade gun, they decided to try their luck with lengths of 2″ x 4” wood instead.

Believing the attack was carried out by at least two people, police are now questioning local youths. K. Lai said that he had lit candles to help the victim’s spirit find the path to heaven.

Thirsty thieves bag the brew

KANCHANABURI: A man noted for his integrity, Acting Royal Thai Police Commissioner General Seripisut Temiyavej has spent the best part of his life fighting the twin scourges of crime and corruption.

In an ironic twist of fate, however, Thailand’s top cop recently found himself the victim of a horrific crime when thieves broke into his riverside holiday home in Kanchanaburi and stole his beer.

Inspecting the home after the May 24 break-in, workers found that the general’s valuables had been left untouched. It appeared that all the thieves made off with was 10 cans of beer and a selection of beer snacks with which to enjoy them. The report did not specify the kind or quantity of the missing snacks.

Lamkhuan Srichaisak, a domestic helper in charge of looking after the house while Gen Seripisut is not in residence, said that she went to bed in her quarters, about 70 meters from the main house, at 10 pm the night of the robbery. When she got up the following morning, the woman found that a back window had been smashed – and 10 cans of beer were missing.

When news of the crime reached Kanchanaburi’s finest, Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Commander Maj Gen Sombun Huapbangyang was soon on the scene – accompanied by a phalanx of other officers and a 20-strong forensic investigation team.

Gen Sombun said that he thought the beer burglar could well have been a former employee. The thief certainly wasn’t after valuables, Gen Sombun added, as all the valuables were still there.

Col Phutiphat Wongsanguansri, Superintendent of the Royal Thai Police Region 15 Forensics Division, said that he found two of the stolen beer cans discarded in a bush in front of the house. Both had been drained of their contents, he noted.

There was no comment from Gen Seripisut, or Seri as he is known in the Thai press, as to how he felt at the loss of his beer and snacks.

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