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Fuck Anything That Moves….Or Doesn’t Move

NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: A group of irate villagers in Nakhon Sri Thammarat Municipality launched a vigilante squad July 31 to try to track down an inhalant-addicted rapist from whom not even dogs, pigs and banana trees were safe.

A meeting was held at 1:30 pm that day at the house of Phairot Mathayawut, head of the local Volunteer Crime News Reporting Squad and ex-chairman of the Ton Wah community group, to discuss what to do about a young local man known as Aek, 20, who had been terrorizing local women, livestock and fruit trees.

K. Phairot said that villagers in Ton Wah and nearby communities were so afraid of Aek that few women dared to leave the safety of their homes after nightfall and parents kept their children locked indoors.

Female market vendors were losing money because they were too afraid to venture out to the local market during the early morning hours, he said.

Aek is addicted to inhalants and is very secretive, never associating with anyone. He has a Sparta knife as long as a man’s forearm and a two-meter-long metal pole as his personal weapons. These he carries with him at all times,” explained K. Phairot.

As for his style of attack, apart from grabbing women when they are outside their homes, he also watches out for when women are home alone. When he finds one, he climbs onto the roof and removes tiles until he can jump down into the house,” he added.

Aek’s latest outrage was the knife-point rape in July of a young mother who had recently given birth. Despite knowing Aek’s identity, police had been unable to find him.

At the meeting, the villagers decided they had waited long enough for police action and took matters into their own hands by sending out a group of local tough guys to hunt for Aek.

When the vigilantes arrived at Aek’s house, they found he was not home. From there they went to a shack in the nearby forest where Aek was known to hide out, but again found no trace of of him.

Villagers said that in addition to raping women, Aek had also forced himself on villagers’ dogs, pigs and banana trees. Around his house, more than ten trees were found to have small holes cut in them about 70 to 80 centimeters above the ground that Aek allegedly used to pleasure himself.

Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police Commander Pol Maj Gen Sutjai Yannarat said that he had received a report of the incidents. A subsequent investigation of Aek’s background revealed that he was so heavily addicted to inhalants that he had become mentally unstable and posed a great danger to society. He has ordered Nakhon Sri Thammarat Police to track him down as quickly as possible, he added.

The court has issued an arrest warrant for Aek, but we still have been unable to catch him. I have assigned Lt Col Chokdee Srimuang, deputy inspector of investigations at Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police, to work with Muang District Special Task Force to hunt him down. Two days ago they almost caught him, but he fought so hard that he lost all his clothes and managed to escape wearing only his underpants,” Gen Sutjai said on July 31.

A Real Pain In The Ass

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: A man was admitted to Bua Yai Hospital on June 7 with complaints of abdominal pains, which he said were caused by a leech that crawled up inside his anus while he was trying to catch fish for his wife’s dinner.

Nong Chingpho, 43, told doctors that he had intermittent stomach pains for about a month, ever since his wife saw a leech crawl into his bottom. He tried taking anti-worm pills, but the pains persisted and he sometimes noticed blood in his feces, he told doctors.

Doctors at the hospital X-rayed K. Nong, but found nothing out of the ordinary. To be on the safe side, they decided to keep him in overnight for observation and to arrange for him to be X-rayed again at Maharaj Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, which has more advanced X-ray equipment.

K. Nong explained that on May 16 his wife said she wanted fish for dinner, so he went to try and catch some at a pond nearby railway tracks in Namcharoen Village.

After a while, he began to feet itchy. Coming out of the water, he noticed a number of leeches clinging to his body. He pulled the bloodsuckers off and got back in the water, determined to catch a fish. But not long after he did, he felt an itch around his anus and again got out of the water, K. Nong said.

Waiting by the side of the pond was his wife Aphinya, 40. He asked her to have a look to see what was causing his discomfort. She pulled down his shorts – he was wearing no underpants – and was shocked to see the tail end of a leech, at least three centimeters long, hanging out from his anus.

K. Aphinya grabbed the leech and tried to pull it out, but could not get a firm grip on its slimy exterior. When her fingers slipped off its body, the leech worked its way well up into K. Nong’s bottom, he said.

When he returned home he took anti-parasite medication, but was still not sure if the leech had died or not. A few days later, he developed a stomachache that persisted, on and off, until eventually he decided he should see a doctor to find out if the leech was to blame.

I want to warn anyone who goes swimming to wear tight-fitting underpants as a leech could crawl into your bottom or genitals and you’ll end up with the same problem as me,” K. Nong said. “Now I always feel uncomfortable and sometimes there is blood in my feces,” he added.

Dr Chanon Chaodamrongsakul, Director of Bua Yai Hospital, repeated K. Nong’s warning that anyone swimming in freshwater ponds of lakes should wear tight-fitting undies. A leech entering a woman’s sexual organs could be particularly dangerous, he noted.

Doctors treating K. Nong would first have to determine whether the leech was still inside him and, if so, where exactly it was, Dr Chanon added.

They would then have to find a way to remove it, he continued, possibly using a scope and tweezers. If the leech was in a position that could not be reached by a scope and tweezers, they may he have to operate.

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